Danlure Jigs -Free With Every Order!

On my way to the family cabin this summer, I made a quick stop at the grocery store in Grantsburg to grab a bag of chips to serve with our signature potluck dip recipe when I somehow took notice of a small ad on someone’s shopping cart. Small, plain and somewhat tattered, the ad was promoting an american made jig which I thought was awesome and worth some follow up to see if we could somehow help support a neighboring business. At first I incorrectly assumed the jig to be made in nearby Danbury, Wisconsin. I later discovered that Danlure is actually a company in Wadena, MN and that the fella running the show is a fantastic person who deserves lots of support. You see, Ivan Lorentz and his family have faced more than their fair share of uncertainty and loss while forming the family business, Danlure, LLC and he has a deep commitment to fighting cancer -especially childhood cancers- and his family also has a scholarship fund in memory of his niece, Jane, who was lost to cancer before her ninth birthday. I hope to soon help support some of his upcoming events to raise both money and awareness. I had never heard any of this or really understood who I was dealing with until after I had purchased and received my first shipment of Danlure jigs to include with our orders. But I’m no journalist, so I encourage you to read Rick Kupchella’s fantastic article to understand what I’m talking about.

I cannot express enough how pleased I am that we were somehow brought together to help each other grow our businesses. I look forward to working with Ivan for years to come and I sincerely hope that if you like your free jigs you will take a moment to like his Facebook page and hopefully order more of his American made lures.

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