Fishhouse Maintenance Series

Coming Soon!  Learn how to properly care for your Yetti or Firebrand Fish House throough this informative video series provided by Northland Auto Center.  We will take requests for future videos through our VIDEO REQUEST FORM.  In the meanwhile, please take some time to review our existing series.

Exterior Maintenance and Repairs

  • Axle Lubrication and Leaf Spring Replacement
  • Spare Tire Installation
  • Dent Removal
  • Caulking/Recaulking
  • Satellite Jack Through-Wall Installation
  • Cleaning the Exterior of your Fishhouse

Interior Maintenance and Repairs

  • Scratch and Scuff Repair
  • Loose Carpet Repair
  • Knot Hole Filling
  • Cabinet Door/Closet Door Repairs
  • Adding a Battery Bank to an Existing System
  • Cleaning the Interior of your Fishhouse

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