FUSION Flapper – Durable Aluminum Range Hood Vent Flapper

FUSION Flapper – Durable Aluminum Range Hood Vent Flapper

$19.99 $19.99

Be proactive and replace your vent flapper before it breaks and becomes a problem.  Broken flappers are very common and allow both weather and critters into your RV or Fish House.  This USA-MADE product is both affordable AND durable.  A practical upgrade that takes the  worry out of your next trip.  Never wonder “Did I latch the flapper before we left?” again!


Has your original hood vent flapper melted or broken out of the housing?  Perhaps it became brittle with age, or maybe you missed it on your pre-flight checklist and it is lying on the side of the highway somewhere.  Replace that flimsy plastic flapper with a durable FUSION Flapper.  Precision cut from .040″ aluminum, the FUSION Flapper is the second product brought to market this year by Gilsrud Sports and Fitness, LLC., a Minnesota company.  All materials are sourced locally and the product is MADE IN THE USA!  Save yourself the frustration of a broken or missing vent flapper by replacing yours NOW to prevent:

  • A burned, warped or melted flapper
  • A broken or missing vent flapper
  • Bird, Insect and Rodent infestation
  • Air, Dust, Water, Snow and Slush intrusion
    And other unforeseen, vehicle-damaging scenarios

Plastic Flappers have a life of 2-3 years (average users break at least one the first year).  Replacements can cost between $5-$12 before shipping and are no better than the original flapper.  Upgrade your RV/Fish House just once and be done with it for good, today for just $12.50.  The FUSION Flapper fits many applications and is easily trimmed to the proper height to fit housings with flappers that measure up to 11-1/2″ wide (including pegs) by 4-1/2″ tall.

PUT IN A REQUEST FOR YOUR SIZE if this size/shape isn’t a good fit and we will also build custom flappers to fit your application at a very reasonable cost.  Just ASK!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 2 in


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