Atwood Air Command 13,500 BTU Rooftop Air Conditioner

Atwood Air Command 13,500 BTU Rooftop Air Conditioner

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Developed and tested in the Australian Outback these Air Command Air Conditioners are built tough and very efficient. These are the only RV A/C units using two separate motors, one for the compressor and the other for the fan. This allows the most efficient and effective operation since neither motor has to compromise to satisfy the needs of the other.

In independent testing the Air Command units were so efficient and so quiet that the 13.5K BTU unit actually produces 16K BTUs and the 15K BTU unit effective produces 18K BTUs.

The 13.5/16K BTU units can operate safely with a 2000 Watt generator and you can operate two 13.5/a6K units on a 30A service.

These Air Command units are quiet too. Sound level testing proved the Air Command Air conditioners and heat pumps to be nearly HALF as loud as the comparison units, and also moved more cubic feet per minute of air through the test RV.

Air-V Distribution:
Smooth air transition quietly delivers a class leading 360 CFM of cool air while using less power.

Ultra Light Weight:
Lightest in class with an aerodynamic front profile.


  • BTU (Equivalence) – 16,000
  • Installed Weight – 84 lbs.
  • Air Volume – 330 CFM
  • Full Load Amps – 11.3
  • Running Watts – 1270
  • Color: White
  • Requires ceiling assembly 15021 to make this a complete unit

Rooftop Dimensions:

  • Width – 26.5″
  • Height – 13.6″
  • Length – 39″
  • Roof cutout – 14″x14″

Atwood 15025 – another winner from Atwood, a leading manufacturer of RV Air Conditioner Your one stop shop for RV Air Conditioners. We carry ducted and non-ducted RV Air Conditioners.


Additional information

Dimensions 400 x 400 x 400 in


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