Magic Firebrand Skidhouse Estimator

Magic Firebrand Skidhouse Estimator

Bundle and Save $$$ Using the Estimator Below

Getting an estimate on the Firebrand Skidhouse has never been easier or more fun! We designed this estimator to save everyone time and avoid confusion when discussing variations.  Use the estimator below to design the ideal skidhouse and then email yourself the quote.  It automatically transfers to your shopping cart at the end where you are able to then order it, paying in full OR placing a deposit!

At present, we stock only White skidhouses, but other colors are available in a short period of time.  We bundle everything up and have it ready for you to install.  Best of all, these Firebrand Skidhouses are built to Northland Auto Center’s standards.  Wider skids, and lighting pre-wired under the spray foam help to make your skidhouse perform better than the rest.

If there are items you need in addition to the ones provided in the quote, just click the SHOP tab and find the remaining items you need!  Ordering a Firebrand Skidhouse entitles you to substantial discounts on anything FishHouseToys has to offer, so be sure to make mention of those items in the notes and we can aggressively price those items for you as well.

Please note that the items bundled are NOT installed.  Half of the fun of owning one of these great little Skidhouses is that you get to finish it off yourself.  If you feel you need help installing any of the accessories, just ask.  We are able to help in many ways!



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