Gazelle 6-sided Gazebo


Gazelle 6-sided Gazebo

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Umbrella Frame System

Nothing sets up or takes down faster.

Portable and Ready to Use

You will love how portable and easy to transport your Gazelle Portable Gazebo is.
Each Gazelle comes in a convenient 73-inch carry bag, and weighs only 34 pounds.

Shelter From the Sun, Biting Insects and More.

The roof of the Gazelle Portable Gazebo is made from a UV and water-resistant polyester material. Each wall of the Gazebo is made with tight weave mesh, so it keeps out even the smallest bugs.

The Umbrella Frame is the fastest, most easy to use system for creating a portable and solid tent frame. Each Umbrella Frame panel is equipped with durable fiberglass poles that come together at a central hub. All of the hubs and poles are permanently connected to the tent fabric so the Umbrella Frame requires no assembly and has no loose parts. To put up, simply pop out each individual panel similar to opening an umbrella. As the poles unfold and the hubs move to the out position, the fabric is under tension and the structure is held tight. To collapse the structure, simply push in on each hub and each panel will fold back down. Each panel pops up or folds back down with one simple motion, taking only a few seconds. The whole shelter can easily be put up by one person and there are no tricks or difficult techniques to learn with putting it up or taking it down. Simply pop out each panel in succession and it is ready to use.


  • 8 People
  • 124″ x 124″
  • 90″
  • 140″ x 140″
  • 92 Ft²
  • 34 lb

Assembly and Use Instructions:

gazelle instructions
Click to download(19068-REV1-032714.pdf)

Additional information

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 76 in


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