Fishhunter 3D Directional Fish Finder/Depth Finder and Flasher

Fishhunter 3D Directional Fish Finder/Depth Finder and Flasher

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What else is there to say about this wicked smart fishfinder.  Oh, that we are able to sell it for less than Amazon with free SpeeDee shipping…

There are a few of these types of fish/depth finders popping up on the market, but this one is well ahead of the game.  It packs 5 tri-frequency transducers into a highly portable package.  It is capable of contour-mapping and geotagging your favorite hotspot, doubles as an ice fishing FLASHER with both flasher view and raw data on the same screen.  The list goes on and on.  At just $249.oo it is more practical than a permanently mounted fishfinder or even a bulky flasher when you’re looking to travel light on the early ice.

Purchases through benefits a local economy and other Minnesota companies as well.



Directional Casting™ powers up all 5 Tri-Frequency transducers, showing you the depth of the water and where the fish are being detected in relation to your floating FishHunter™ Directional 3D.

On the video to the right, click on any of the 5 round icons and you will get a split view screen with the left side showing the depth of any fish detected and the right side showing you the exact bottom contour for the transducer you selected.


You can create custom 3D Bottom Maps of your favorite fishing spots by placing the FishHunter™ Directional 3D in the water and then reeling/drifting/trolling it over the area you want to measure. Use the color coded scale to easily see drop offs or toggle on/off the grid overlay to know exactly where the drop offs are, their relative depth and distance. Every 3D Bottom Contour Map has a GPS tag so you can save the map and fish in the same spot next time- no problem.


Using 3D software and 5 tri-frequency transducers allows us to create “life like” images of the bottom, so you can quickly evaluate bottom contour. Knowing the bottom contour when fishing is critical to improving your catch rate. FishHunters cutting edge 3D technology provides a detailed view of any underwater terrain.


Unlike traditional flashers that are required to be submerged beneath the ice, FishHunter™ floats on the surface of the water in the ice hole. It can withstand weather conditions as cold as -22 ºF (-30 ºC). Ice Fishing Flasher View utilizes 2 powerful ultra high frequencies 475 kHz and 675 kHz, to enable you to see your jig in real time. Both the SPLIT Screen (Flasher / RAW Data) and FULL Screen (RAW DATA only) views allow you to see the bottom, the bottom depth and the temperature right on your smartphone/tablet.


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